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"Only those who grow up and still remain children are real human beings."

Erich Kaestner

My name is Melanie, I went to school in Vienna (primary and secondary school) and studied educational science. Education-related topics interest me a lot, but also art, creativity, nature and animals. I combine all these topics in my work.


The joy of working with children eventually turned into my profession.

In addition to school and studies I have always worked with children. First through younger relatives, then through jobs in childcare and finally with my work in learning support.

In addition, I have been organising programmes with my horses and children as an animal-assisted educator for many years. In this context, I have experienced that contact with animals, but also varied creative activities, have a positive effect on children's concentration and learning ability.

As an educator and trained goldsmith, I combine learning theory approaches with my artistic interests. Aesthetic experiences (= experiences of sensory perception), which take place through creative activities such as painting, handicrafts or exploring, support learning processes and help children to access learning content in their own way. My diverse interests and abilities are reflected in my offers.



High school with with apprenticeship as gold- and silversmith

Studies of educational science

Additional training and further education:

Children's Yoga

Dyslexia training

Animal-assisted pedagogy

Montessori basic courses

Ongoing further training on the topics of education and art

Over 15 years of experience in childcare for children of all ages.

Self-employed as a learning tutor since 2017.


Yoga, nature, gardening, painting, sewing, friends, animals, crafts, goldsmithing, horse riding, cycling, hiking, traveling, Read, write and keep learning :)

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