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Schreibtisch mit Stationär


You want to...

... deal with language in a playful and creative way?
... have more fun while learning?
... learn with cats or children's yoga?






The learning lessons are varied and entertaining. Through a holistic and action-oriented learning approach that includes the children's life experiences, new possibilities in the acquisition of knowledge are offered and tested.
The joy of learning is awakened, difficult topics are better remembered and the children have fun deepening their knowledge.
With this joy of learning, learning success is also achieved more quickly.

One-to-one support offers the possibility to adapt the lessons to the child individually. In this way, the pupils learn at their own pace.

At the same time, it is very important to me to take the children's interests and talents into account.
In this way, we can work with their individual strengths to improve their learning performance.



The learning room is bright, friendly and tidy. Many different working materials oriented to the children's interests and learning needs are available.

A prepared learning environment offers the children the best conditions to develop and improve their learning skills - learning processes, concentration skills and independent action are stimulated.

With me, pupils practise in a learning environment that enables meaningful action, conveys an open-minded approach and promotes respectful, caring and fair treatment. There is no room for pressure to perform or fear of failure here.


In most cases, we already see when we get to know each other whether my approach also corresponds to the child's ideas.
Experience shows that many children enjoy learning with me.
I meet them at eye level, listen to their worries and thoughts and address their concerns attentively.

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of students

IMG_7468 2-PhotoRoom-3-PhotoRoom_edited.

Alisa, 11 years old


Max, 10 years old


Arthur, 8 years old

IMG_7526 2.jpg
IMG_5333 3.jpg

Andrej, 10 years old

IMG_7510 2-PhotoRoom-2.png

Ariel, 4 years old


Youssef, 9 Jahre

"To achieve the possible, we must attempt the impossible again and again."

Hermann Hesse
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